Blog · March '17

Tips for a Rainy Day (Part 2)

Welcome back to the second part of my tips for a rainy day, this will be the concluding post for this feature. If you missed part one of this feature then you can click here to catch up.

We are another week into March, surely we are making our way towards the warmer weather now? If in doubt, here are some more tips for those rainy days.

1) Write a blog post

Well hey, guess where I got the idea to write a blog post on a rainy day from? Hm… but really, using your creativity is a great way to feel motivated and productive and is sure to cheer you up if the weather is putting you down. You never know, you might find inspiration in the drops of rain.

2) Have a bath

I love having a candle lit bath with some soundtrack music playing in the background. I find it so relaxing to just loose myself for that time. Sometimes I bring in a book with me, sometimes I just lay there and day dream, but I think the rain would add a beautiful background noise.

3) Tidy your room

I like to have a tidy environment around me, it makes me feel motivated, productive and calm. If you know where everything is in your room then it makes your life feel a little less hectic and cluttered. So use the rainy day to spend some time on you, clear out the things you no longer need and get your room looking just as you want it to!

4) Get creative with fairy lights

There are some fab fairy lights on amazon that I have, they plug into the wall but have a remote control so you don’t need to get up to turn them off at night. They are wired as well, so they wrap around things a lot easier. Decorating your room with fairy lights makes it much cosier in the colder months.

5) Try your hand at writing

I talked about writing a blog post already, but what about writing a book or some poetry, or maybe in a journal? I love writing once I get stuck into it, and then there’s nothing like a day in doors with your now tidy room and fairy light decorations to get you inspired for writing.

I hope you enjoyed my rainy day advice, if you live in a country that rains a lot *cough cough, England* then you get used to entertaining yourself without needing to go outside.


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