Blog · March '17

ONE YEAR of blogging!


I accidentally discovered that I have been blogging for a year now! My first post was made on the 3rd of March 2016, you can check it out here.

I am very proud of myself for keeping this blog going for a whole year without faltering or thinking of giving up. I have enjoyed running both the reviews and blog posts on my site I hope to continue to grow this little community. More recently I have been scheduling my posts and becoming much more organised with my blog. I want to create interesting content that is published regularly, I like to think I am getting there!

I started my Bookstagram account at the start of January in 2016 and I think that has been a huge contributor to me getting involved in this bookish community. It’s such a lovely and interesting group of people and is constantly growing and changing. I am thankful for all of the people I have met through this blog and my Bookstagram and for all of the book recommendations I have received! I really have read some amazing novels through discovering them through you guys.

So thank you for supporting my blog for a whole year, I hope I will continue to write posts that you guys enjoy to read!


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