Blog · March '17

Tips for a Rainy Day (Part 1)

It’s March, we are approaching April Showers and it’s already raining nearly everyday. How do I combat this? Well I have created a list of top tips for a rainy day!


1) Read a fantasy

I say a fantasy because I think they are the best kinds of books to 100% loose yourself in. They can take you to a different setting, far away from the rain spitting against your windows. Also, who doesn’t love being all warm and cosy inside, whilst the the rain is pouring down outside?

2) Make a bookmark

I recently bought some watercolour paints and card and I intend to try my hand at bookmark making. The benefits of making them yourself is you can customise them to your favourite books and they look great for Bookstagram photos! Unlocking your creativity will definitely push away the rainy day blues.

3) Re-order your bookshelves

Who doesn’t love giving their bookshelves a bit of a make over? There’s nothing like spring cleaning your books and spicing up your shelves with a bit on a rainbow pattern, or some genre organisation. You’ll feel productive afterwards and it’ll make for some great Bookstagram shots!

4) Play Pokémon or any other game

I don’t know about you, but I can get stuck playing a game for quite a few hours. If you’re finding yourself feeling irritable because of the weather then this is the perfect distraction to get you into a better mood! Cuddle up in a comfy chair, grab your remote or console and play the hours away.

5) Settle down with a film and popcorn

I had to throw popcorn in there, it’s only the best snack ever… next to pitta chips, grapes and a few other additions. A rainy day is the perfect excuse to discover a new movie or genre you never realised you’d love! Or to catch up on all those episodes of that TV programme you’ve been behind on recently.

As not to overwhelm you with possible options for your rainy day entertainment I am going to end this here. I will be releasing part two of this blog next week, so follow me to stay up to date!



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