February '17

WiFi… sweet, sweet wifi.

God damn it I did not realise how much I relied on the internet. It’s all very well and good having access to 4G on my phone and iPad, but I need me some sweet, sweet wifi! I have just moved home to a lovely new build house which means that everything is very new and efficient so of course our older wifi box did not want to play ball. So for you loyal fans thinking, Beth, why have you not been posting onto your blog that I follow religiously – I had a good excuse!

Do you know what though? No wifi and for that matter, no Sky on the TV has made a lot of time for reading. A Conjuring of Light is my weapon of choice at the moment and I LOVE IT! If you have not read any of Victoria Schwab’s work then a… go read it and b… go read it now?! She is a world builder, a character creator and a heart breaker for sure. I was lucky enough to meet Victoria in Bristol in the summer and she was so kind. She gave me some writer tips and then filmed a little segment for my YouTube channel which was amazing!

I have also been spending my time organising my new bookshelf layout and I have exciting news… I can now access my bookshelves unobstructed! This is big news for me, big news! In the past my bookshelves have been blocked by a manner of things, a chair, my bed, a washing basket. But those days are long gone, they are free for me to rummage and take photos of and it’s so exciting. I did a little shoot this morning and everything was so easy access that it made me feel a lot more excited to take the photos.

Of course the final thing I have been doing is unpacking and building. We have bought a lot of IKEA furniture, thank you Sweden, you’ve been a huge help. We just about concluded the building last night with our desk and office chair (swivel of course). I personally think I have a fantastic knack for flat pack, that is until I get bored of my bed not being finished and I go for a drive… other than that, I’m great!

So big sigh of relief as after a week the house is finally starting to come together! Back to normal posting schedules now of Mondays and Fridays… for those of you who cared. Adios, have a good evening/day/afternoon…


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