Book Review · February '17

I have a library!

I keep hearing my step-dad say the phrase ‘too many books’ to me and in my opinion is has been said far too often, I mean once would be too many times really. I have seen people on BookTube with bigger collections than mine by far, but I suppose for a part-time worker with a small bedroom, yeah I have a lot.

giphyI have two ceiling high bookshelves that are filled to the brim and will not take another page! We are moving house soon and when we do I hope to get another shelf to fit my ever growing collection on. I will also be getting a new bed that has a bookshelf in the headboard, sleeping and reading, my two favourite things!

But really what I am addressing here is the insistence that my home-library is a bad thing. As a book blogger I like to keep all of my books for future reference and for my Bookstagram photography. Having a couple of hundred and then some is a very good thing  in my opinion… so if anyone ever tells you that you have too many books, throw one you don’t like at their head.

Books open the mind to a whole world of possibilities and only those who don’t read, don’t understand!


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