February '17

Bookish Bedroom Goals

Bedroom goals are what Pinterest is for right?

So we are moving house in two weeks, which means I get another new shot at a bedroom and damn it, I am not throwing away my shot! We are moving into a new build house which means we can’t wait the walls yet, but I do have some green curtains to add some colour. My aim is to go for a tidy, pretty feel.

elegant-photo-of-fresh-at-design-2017-ikea-queen-bed-with-storageMy bed has a bookshelf built into the headboard, which is going to be super cool and definitely a life saver when it comes to my ever exploding bookshelves. I’m going to be using the top of the bed’s headboard as a table for my light and clock etc, I’m trying to save space in the room.

I also want to put some succulents around my room in little rose gold/copper pots, I am il_570xn-648603577_4bzcactually going girly with this, who knew! I kill plants and plants are big, so I thought these would be a smaller solution to my issue.

Currently I have two bookshelves, but I hope to grow that to three once we move, I want to make a little corner of my room that will work as a perfect backdrop for my videos. I intend to give my books enough room to breath and make it a pretty and pleasing looking space. Maybe I will even rainbow my shelves!

At the moment I have all of my ‘nerdy’ posters anharry-potter-and-the-philosopher-s-stone-_679090_h800d cards on my wardrobe door, but when we move my door space will be shrinking so I am unsure as to where this stuff will go. In
keeping with my neat and tidy wishes I will be arranging these posters in a linear pattern along whichever wall I choose to put them on. The crowing glory of this space will be my Harry Potter poster that I hope to get framed and made into the centre piece for my wall.

Of course my room would’t be complete without some bookish pillows, my Hogwarts Potions box and a few other special items I like to keep handy.  If I think it’s interesting enough, I may film a room tour, or perhaps a bookshelf organisation video – subscribe to my YouTube Channel to stay up to date!



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