Book Review · January '17

A Whole Life, Robert Seethaler


A Whole Life by Robert Seethaler (2015)

Genres: Fiction, Historical Fiction, European Literature

Format: Paperback

Pages: 160

Reading Time: 02/01/17 – 04/01/17


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This book was bought for me by a lovely lady who did not know me, but knew I was having a hard time. If you want to hear more about this very kind woman then you can watch my YouTube video about it here.

She told me this book would help me see things in a different light and that it made a difference to her. I can see why she advised me this book, it is quite simply about a man who has a lot of bad things happen to him in his life, but he keeps on pushing through and makes the best out of his circumstances.

The writing is simple and easy to read, which is a relief because on first glance I thought this might be filled with pretentious ramblings. This simplicity mirrored Andreas’ life and choices, he was very matter of fact in his thinking and moved through life at a casual pace. I liked him in the sense that he was very easy to understand, but I also didn’t like him because I felt like he had no real personality, there was nothing different about him as a character. But perhaps this was the point, is he meant to be someone for the reader the place themselves onto?

Today is a world where we are obsessed with our technology, I mean we are seeing America about to be ruled by a man who makes his opinions known via Twitter. A Whole Life steps back from the complications of modern day life, Andreas has been around before technology took over and has in fact seen the victims of it’s destructive path in his career. This definitely made me think about enjoying the simpler things in life, which is I think what the buyer intended for me.

So thank you to the kind lady who bought me a book, your heart is duly noted.



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