January '17

January TBR

Welcome January, please grace me with a few smiles and laughs and not the tears that December brought!

December was such a crap reading month, I think I finished two or three books and I lost my excitement for reading. So here are my reads for January to get me back into the swing of things:

9781447283904a-whole-life1) A Whole Life, Robert Seethaler

A lovely customer at work bought me this book to try and inspire me to feel happier. She was so kind to do this and I am reading this on her recommendation. It is a very small book about a man who gets more in touch with himself and discovers the moments that make him who he is.


97814732001352) Hogfather, Terry Pratchett

So this one might have followed me over from 2016, I am enjoy it, just slowly. I like the bizarreness of Pratchett’s worlds, but at times it does make it hard to keep up with. I am hoping to finish this book in the next few days. Side note of thanks to my friend Adam for buying me this beautiful hardback copy to cheer me up!



3) Wayfarer, Alexandra Bracken

With a release date of the 12th of January, this book could not get into my hands any sooner. I need the rest of this story after the cliffhanger that Passenger left me on. I love the time travel involved in this series and how it lets me learn as well as enjoy an excellently written story. Will be clearing some reading time for when this one comes out.



4) Our Chemical Hearts, Krystal Sutherland

With a blurb of John Green meets Rainbow Rowell, how could I not bump this up on my TBR? This is a small contemporary book so I am thinking it will be easy to get through, sometimes you just need a bit of an easy, fun read to get you through the winter months and the business of the new year!


What book are you most excited to read this month? I am hoping I manage to get to these four.


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