January '17

January Releases!

We made it out of 2016! Happy dances all around…


Did you have a good New Year’s celebration? I’m writing this on New Year’s Eve so I hope I had a good night…

This month I am planning on reading lots more than I did in December. The end of 2016 was particularly bad and distracting for me, so I will be much more determined to make January a good month and a good introduction to 2017.

I am very excited for Wayfare, the sequel to Alexanrda Bracken’s Passenger, which comes out mid January in the UK. I have it on order at work and I will be clearing my schedule once it is in my hands, I’m saying that like I actually have a schedule. Passenger was one of my top books of 2016, so I can’t wait to explore the sequel and see where everything goes.

Caraval by Stephanie Garber also comes out in January, I have read this already as I was lucky enough to receive a proof. But I can’t wait for this book to be in shops so I can start recommending it to people. If you like the Night Circus, or anything that is magical and unpredictable then this will be perfect for you.

Those are the only two books on my radar for this month, but I’m sure there are others that will be amazing new releases. I am currently reading Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather and I am enjoying it, but I haven’t picked it up for a few days. I shall definitely set aside some time for reading soon.

What books are you excited for this month?


One thought on “January Releases!

  1. I’m so so excited to read Caraval! I’m so jealous of everyone who got an early copy! I’m glad to hear great comments about it though! I’m also looking forward to Wayfarer, and for the new Maria V. Snyder book, Dawn Study. There are so many great books coming out this month!


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