December '16

Have Courage and be Kind

In this festive season it is massively important to continue to be kind, or in the words of Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella ‘have courage and be kind’. We are seeing an increasing
amount of ‘bad’ people represented in our media and I giphythink it is important to remind those who aren’t famous or well known that they still have an influence on people by just being kind.

I work in retail, I see and talk to a lot of people on a daily basis, which means I meet many different types of customers. My job is in a bookshop, so a nice, calm environment to work in and this is reflected in our customers. Sometimes though, someone comes in who seems to be set on being rude and making your day a little more difficult.

My life at the moment has been complicated to say the least. I know 2016 has become renowned for being utterly crap, but for me it has been personally very awful. I have had some great moments of course, but I have had a lot of bad things happen. This year five members of my family have died and we have had a lot more go on that just that. My point in all of this? I have had a tough time, I don’t feel all that great at the moment, so one person being kind can really make a difference. Even if it is one person saying they like my earrings, or they hope I have a lovely day. However in this ever growing negative environment we are moving forward into, it seems to be only the negative comments that stick.

It is the rude people we tell our friends and family about, that awful customer who caused everyone grief, that car that drove past a puddle and drenched you, or the person who came to your till and was silent and angry the whole time – you see my point? I am making a conscious effort at the moment to compliment people with genuine things, if I like something they are wearing I will tell them, for example. I am doing this because when it is reversed and someone says this to me, it can make my day. In this huge world where bad stuff happens everyday that is out of our control, shouldn’t we try and keep some things in our power? Understand you have the ability to make or break a persons day, and that is very powerful indeed.

giphy-2.gifNow I’m not talking with great power comes great responsibility, but I am saying that you (yes you) can personally make a difference to an individual. So if you’ve managed to get through this post, the next time you go into a shop tell the person serving you that you like their jumper, or you hope they have a fantastic week.

Can you tell I’m working on Boxing Day (today) and I am dreading it? I am giving up a massive chunk of time with my family over this season so I can serve people who may, or may not be kind to me. If a shop assistant is looking sad then tell them something to make them smile.

Merry Christmas!



One thought on “Have Courage and be Kind

  1. Great post. A little bit of kindness can have a great impact, and unfortunately, so can rude person.

    The quote “have courage and be kind” had a deep impact on me. I saw the film after losing a friendship in which the “friend” was constantly rude and insulting to me. I realized that his rudeness wasn’t about me, but a reflection of his character.

    I love this quote about kindness: “Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” Scott Adams

    I wrote a short essay (500 words) on Cinderella called “The Power of Female Beauty.” If you would like to read it, I am open to any feedback:


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