December '16

Tips for feeling Christmassy


I thought I’d share with you my top ten tips for getting in the Christmas spirit. As you may know, I was a bit of a scrooge a couple of years back, but since being at uni I have embraced the Christmas cheer and love feeling festive.

1) Put ridiculously Christmassy music on and sing at the top of your voice to it.

2) Light a cinnamon flavoured candle and let the scent fill your house with seasonal goodness.

3) Stick on A Christmas Carol adaptation and be prepared to cringe at all of the cheesy moments.

4) Put on some festive clothing/jewellery, gingerbread earrings, a tinsel jumper or a snowflake necklace

5) Get an orange, tie a festive coloured ribbon around it, stick some cloves in and make yourself a pomander.

6) Put up your Christmas decorations to cheesy Christmas music (see tip 1) whilst wearing Christmassy clothes and maybe some festive head gear (see tip 4).

7) Wrap all of your presents and then pile them up to look over your work proudly.

8) Starting wishing the people serving you in shops a Merry Christmas, it’ll make them smile and definitely put you in the festive mood.

9) Buy as much Christmas themed chocolate as possible, eat it all in a matter of days and spend 2017 feeling bad about it.

10) Go to a lantern parade, it is such a cosy event to attend and everyone is so Christmassy and jolly!



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