December '16

‘Tis the Season! šŸŽ„

It’s the 8th of December and so many people are coming in to buy their Christmas presents at work. Waterstones has become a book store that not only sells books, but also thousands of other little bits and bobs, so we really are a good store for gift giving. I really love working around people who are feeling the Christmas cheer, makes them very nice customers to serve. My favourite type of customer is one who needs a recommdation that I can help with, esepecially in the YA section.

Whilst I work at a bookshop I still really enjoy to visit them too, especially when I get a 50% off discount. I love touring the shelves for things I haven’t been able to look at properly whilst I’m working. The amount of books that pass through my hands every day definitely gets me in the mood to buy myself some. Recently I have been considering reading more classics to get a base knowledge of where our literature started.

What is your favourite thing about visiting a bookshop? It feels like it can be really made into a day out now. Some stores have cafes built into them, so you can buy your book and have a drink whilst reading it, sounds like a perfect combo to me! So with the festive season upon us, do you find yourself visiting these bookstores more? Are you encouraged to pick up a Christmas themed read perhaps? Just remember this Christmas, and all year round, that the people working in the stores are human too and we want to help. Make their day by giving them a compliment or wishing them a Merry Christmas, it really does make a big difference.

I’m not really sure what the topic of this blog post was, but I just wanted to have a chat with you guys about a daily part of my life.

Merry Christmas!


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