December '16

Sugar, spice and all things nice


With the coming of Christmas there is also the coming of magically themed food. I’m not just talking about the reindeer shaped chocolate and tree shaped crisps, but the little tiny items of normal food the shops do. We have had a Marks and Spencer brochure sat on our table for a while now and the miniature hotdogs just keep staring up at me.

It’s funny how Christmas had come to mean different things for different people, for some it is a time for family, others a time for food and for a lot I’m sure it is a time for presents. My favourite thing about Christmas is giving gifts, I love seeing presents that I have put a lot of thought into, make someone so happy. I have just finished wrapping all of the presents I have bought so far and I feel very pleased with myself.

Honestly, for me the hype of a big roast on Christmas Day is a bit of a pain, this is for several reasons. Firstly, the clean up is so huge that you just dread it throughout the whole meal and usually it is just my mum and I who end up doing it because the guests just sit down and don’t offer a much needed hand after we have also cooked them dinner. Secondly, the cooking process is stressful as! My mum does the whole thing, with me being roped in as her little helper, to my great joy. And thirdly, I don’t actually like roasts all that much, I would much rather have a buffet dinner of all sorts, chicken nuggets, sausages, cheese, french bread… mmmm sounds perfect to me!

So for several reasons the roast is not my favourite part of Christmas. Once we get past the main meal though we have the Christmas cake. My family used to buy a Christmas cake from Waitrose every year until it became an expensive item to afford, so we started making our own. Year one we weren’t quite on it and had a bit of a mess with the icing. Year two we learnt from last time and got the icing a lot better, even weaving in some candy cane designs. But this year, year three, I am sure is where the magic is going to happen!

So yes, perhaps for me it is the sugary treats that make up the best part of the food for Christmas. But nothing can really beat sitting in-front of the TV, watching the Christmas episode of Doctor Who and eating marzipan fruit.

What is your favourite thing to eat at Christmas time? Sorry this hasn’t been at all book related, but we must have something to eat in between the pages!


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