December '16

A few of my favourite things


In honour of Blogmas and the festive season, I thought I would give you a look into five of my favourite things this Christmas!


Candles are perfect for this time of year and definitely a favourite of mine as the nights draw in earlier and I can sit snuggled up under a blanket with my book. My favourite flavoured candle for the Winter is the Glade Spiced Apple and Cinnamon, it’s delicious smelling!



This tiny little Christmas tree that I bought in a little village craft shop is one of my favourite Christmas decorations. A bedroom is not complete without a tree and I have two in mine, one real and one not so real. Speaking of trees, my household still doesn’t have our Christmas tree up, much to my dismay.


Hamilton! It may not be the most festive combination of music, but damn is it catchy. I love this soundtrack so much, I know a lot of it word for word and I also now know a lot more about American history. And with the release of the mixtape my obsession is only growing.



Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has to be up there for my Christmas favourites! It was a totally fantastic film and I loved every second of it, especially when Newt was introducing all of the beasts to Jacob. I saw this film in a 3D iMax with my mum, it was the best experience, the start with the similar intro to Harry Potter had me on the edge of my seat instantly.



The Sun is also a Star has been my favourite read as of recent. The story is fantastic, following a Jamaican girl living illegally in America meeting a Korean-American boy living legally in America. She has 12 hours before she is deported and it’s about the bond formed in that short space of time. It is a lovely story, wonderfully diverse and full of a new perspective that the world desperately needs at the moment.

Okay so that’s all of my Christmas favourites, not that all of them were very Christmassy themed, but enjoy! Let me know what your favourites are for this festive season down below! 


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