December '16

It’s a very, very book world


If you can tell what song I’m ripping off in the title of this blog then you win a point!

This blog post is a weenie bit of self promotion for you guys, because my creativity for ideas has to stem me until the end of the month.

Books are everywhere for me and I wouldn’t have it any other way, I work with books, I write books, I take pictures of books and of course I read them. I love how involved books are in my life, they are something that brings me great joy and I am very thankful to be a reader.

So the places you can find me absorbing into the world of books are:

instagram_app_large_may2016Instagram has become a real hobby for me, I love getting involved in the Bookstagram community and posting daily with my own images. I’m running a part-time photography start-up alongside of working in a bookshop, so to be able to combine the two is fantasti
c. Everyone is so lovely in the community and it is very easy to make frietwitter_bird_logo_2012-svgnds and get great book recommendations.

Twitter has always been a confusion to me, I never really saw the point in it. But recently I have been seeing it as an outlet forpeople to voice their opinions and receive responses. Again there is a
huge sense of community, but on Twitter you will find people are not afraid to say exactly what they’re feeling.


YouTube has been a new discovery for me in terms of creating my own content. I watched videos in the BookTube community for a while and in the summer of this year I finally decided to bite the bullet and start my own channel. I have to say initially I was awful in-front of the camera, but gradually I got better and began to really enjoy myself. Now I am planning on setting up a schedule and getting some regular content out there, again this is such a fun world to interact in.

I love being able to interact with people online and offline, but I have really enjoyed getting involved in these book communities over this past year. If you’d like to check out either of my accounts you can click on the logo above. Let me know if you post onto either of these social media platforms and I’ll check out your account.  🙂


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