Blog · December '16

T’was the night before reading


My reading set up is either one of two things.

  1. In my chair with my feet up and my fairy lights on.
  2. In bed with the covers hugging me and a candle burning next to me.

I love reading in my bedroom because I have taken great care to create a cosy and warm environment here. We have recently moved house (and will be moving again in January to our new build) so I had a chance to start over with my bedroom. I have always had a small room, but this time I have a bedroom that actually lets me get to either side of my bed, glory! So this means more space for bookshelves, candles, fairy lights and pillows.

The first thing I did when we moved was take a trip to Ikea and buy my chair and footstool, I am in love with them. They are my favourite place to sit, and with one of my bookshelves next to the chair I have the perfect reading corner. The only thing I would change is to have a big comfy recliner, but that would take up far too much space, so I am happy with my rocking, wooden piece for now.

I adore having candles on whilst I read and even better if they can be my main source of the light. I love the flickering of the flame and the cosy light it gives my room, nothing can beat it… well… nearly nothing. My latest obsession is with fairy lights, the wired kind that can be bent and folded anywhere you fancy. I have my eyes on a lovely remote controlled set on amazon that will be mine come the new year! So together with a dozen different fairy lights and hundreds of candles I have myself a set up to delve into my book!

Now as I mostly read at night time I seem to never really be able to read very much in one sitting. I lack the ability to read into the early hours, although I wish that I didn’t. If you are one of these magical people, please let me know how you manage it? By about 11pm my eyes are falling out of their sockets and my brain can’t concentrate on another word. I find if the book is completely gripping and amazing that I can probably power through my issues, but more often than not I have to put the book down and sleep.

Expectations are that I continue to read in the morning once I wake up, but I am not the type to sit in bed for too long in the mornings. I like to get on with my day, get dressed and ready and then do some stuff that never seems to be reading. To conclude, clearly I need to read more during the day.

So this is my (sort of) reading routine – let me know what yours is down in the comments!



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