November '16

Harry Potter and Influencing a Generation

I have recently taken a trip to Lacock which is a very small village that was at one point the host to some of the scenes we are familiar with inside Hogwarts. It is a beautiful village, scattered with lovely little shops with quaint items up for grabs. I went to this town once before as a child, where I went into the Abbey that Harry Potter was filmed in and I remember seeing the classrooms still set up and it all felt so magical. As I was walking around this ancient town I got to thinking about how much Harry Potter has influenced my life and how much I think about it on a daily basis without even realising. img_9092

As a child of the 90’s I was lucky enough to grow up with Harry and as he excelled through his years at Hogwarts, I excelled through my years at school, granted I was a few years behind him. The magic was still following me through though to the point that I felt it was fate when the final film came out on my 17th birthday. When in conversation with people I will slip in Harry Potter quotes, I will mention moments in the films or the books and I am always reminded of the impact it has had one me.

I doubt there are many people in this country that have not at least heard the name Harry Potter, he was a household name in the books and now he is a household name to us too. img_9036All of this has happened because the wonderful Jo Rowling would not give up, she kept on going to try and get this published and to try and cling onto herself in the process. She is a madly inspiring woman and still is, she is the source of great inspiration for not only my generation, but for many to come and many that have already been. People accuse this franchise of not knowing when to stop and say they are just trying to make money, but I will always stand by the producers, the writers, everyone involved in bringing us any new form of Potteresk things. This is a creation loved by millions, they make more films and books because we want them and we always will!

It is not everyday that you see a series like this one, not ever day that you are able to wholeheartedly fall for something and know you can completely emerge yourself into it’s world. Will there ever be an end to the streams of HP memorabilia? I think not, see my photos for examples – yes I bought a little Harry with me to Lacock, I thought he would look cool, and he does!

I want to thank the Potterverse for giving me something to loose myself in, something to expand my love of reading even further and something for to have with me for the rest of my life. I can also blame Harry for my taste in men, it seems brown hair and glasses has been a trend for me, seems to make sense. But really my point here is, isn’t it wonderful that we all have this iconic series that so many people love. It is a common interest you can share with hundreds, a way to make friends and a reminder that happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.




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