October '16

The Book Blogger TMI Tag

I wasn’t tagged by anyone to do this, but I thought it looked like a fun set of questions so I thought I would give it a go. It is my goal to get into writing blog posts a bit more. I want to try and write a book but I am really struggling, so I think writing on here may get me into the habit of it more.

How Old Are You?

21, but I am still getting told that I am so young by people older than me… all the time!

What Book Are You Reading? 

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas, I’ve only got 60 pages left and I am trying to finish the series before I go see Sarah speak in Bath – that is in three days so I am probably being way too ambitious.

What Are You Wearing?

Ripped jeans and a long sleeved University of Winchester top.

Favorite OTP?

I never really go for the the OTP thing, but I really like Rhysand and Feyre together, if I’m allowed that one?

Blogger or WordPress?

WordPress! I think I have probably hosted a blog on most of the main platforms out there and this one is definitely my favourite.

Going Outside Being Active Or Staying In And Reading A Book?

Hahaha, being active? What is this strange alien term? I am a lover of staying inside and reading. If I have people to go out with, then that’s fine, but if it’s read alone vs go out alone then reading will always win!


What Is The Last Book You Read?

I just finished the audiobook of Outlander, I’ve been listening to it for quite a few months so its an achievement to have finally finished it! I really enjoyed it towards the end, just took so long to get going.

What Is The Book You’re Going To Read Next?

Empire of Storms, for my ambitious reasons listed a few questions back. I am also on a mission to catch up with all of the series that I am missing out on.

Ebooks – yes or no?

I do have a kindle, but I barely use it, sometimes I feel really in the mood for a kindle read but more often I prefer the physical book. Also as a bookseller myself I am keen on keeping the paper books alive and well!

Where Do You Prefer To Read?

At the moment my back is really hurting me, so the best place for me to sit and read is on my sofa downstairs, but there are always people being loud there – so I will settle for the chair in my room. We recently moved to a bigger house and I actually have room in my bedroom for a chair which is heaven!

Who Is The Last Person You Tweeted? 

DragonBabble – go tweet her too, flood her with happiness!

Whose Blog Did You Look At Last?

The Sassy Book Geek – that’s where I found this tag too.

Who Is Your Favorite Blogger?

I don’t tend to follow blogs to closely compared to all other mediums that book lovers post on, but my friend Pippa is a great blogger and her writing is fantastic over at thelittlebookowl.

Who Is Your Favorite Book-Tuber?

I am addicted to BookTube, I watch it every day and contribute to it myself. I particularly love PolandBananasBOOKS, readbyzoe and abookutopia.

What Do You Do When Someone Tells You Reading Is Boring?

I hate to hear this because I always just think that person must be uncreative and uninterested in the fantastic possibilities a book has to offer. Books transport us to far away lands and totally captivate us. I would rather read than have my eyes glued to my phone like some people do.


Who Is The Last Author You Talked To?

Victoria Schwab, I went to a signing of hers and we chatted at the end when everyone had left. I spoke to her about wanting to write a book and she was so lovely and inspirational.

Who Is The Last Person You Texted?

My boyfriend asking him to take me to the Hogwarts feast at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour for Christmas!

Who Is Your All Time Favorite Book Character? 

Oh man, all time every, that is a tough one! I love so many amazing characters, loads from Harry Potter and so many other series that I have read throughout my life so far. But I think my all time favourite would have to be Bunchy, a little girl from some very simple and old stories my mum read me as a child. Bunchy has followed me on my bookshelf for years and if I ever I feel a bit empty and alone I know she will bring me back and make me feel the childhood happiness I felt when my mum used to read about her to me.


Despite being from the UK I feel like we don’t have as many YA books out there, so I will have to go for US for this one.

What Is Your Preferred Drink Whilst Reading?

Rose Lemonade! I love sitting in my hometown’s Waterstones and reading in their cafe with this gorgeous drink.

If You Hated Reading What Would You Be Doing Instead? 

Probably binging on Netflix, something I did a lot of at uni, but haven’t really done since.

How Many Bookshelves/Bookcases Do You Have?

I have two bookshelves but I intended to get another once we move to our proper new house (this one is temporary whilst we wait for the new one to be built).

If You Had The Choice To Meet All Of Your Favorite Book Bloggers Or All Of Your Favorite Authors, Which Would You Pick? You Can Only Pick One.

My favourite authors, I would love to speak to them about the worlds they have created and thank them for their escapes. And I would also love to get some personal writing tips too.

Insta-Love: Yes or No?

Is this just asking if I like Instagram? Yes I love it! I have had Instagram since its beginning and now I am part of the Bookstagram community I love it even more!

Favorite Author?

J K Rowling or Cecelia Ahern – I love both, they’re very different but they both create such amazing stories.

What Is The Number One Book On Your Wish-List?

The rest of the Lunar Chronicles series, I’ve read Cinder and loved it, just waiting until I get paid to buy the rest!

Do You Prefer Books With Female or Male Protagonists? 

Female, I feel like I can empathise with them more.

Which Is Your Favorite Book-to-Film Adaptation?

Harry Potter of course! Those films came out at just the right times for me and I was able to follow them growing up, they were so exciting. And the last one came out on my birthday which was just meant to be!

What Is The Last Song You Listened To?

The Schuyler Sisters form the Hamilton soundtrack. I am addicted to this musical, I banned myself from listening to it for about a month because it kept getting stuck in my head, but I have given into it again.


What Do You Enjoy Reading More – Negative Reviews or Positive Reviews?

Positive reviews, they make me excited to read that book and books in general.

If you fancy giving these questions a go, then consider yourself tagged!


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