April '16

All aboard the author train

I apologise for the delay in posting recently, I would like to think my final semester of my final year of university excuses me somewhat. But now I am back and with a much more available schedule. Unfortunately, I have not had much time to read at the moment because I have been working nearly every day and I have also become a bit too obsessed with 1) my Nintendo 3DS XL and 2) SimsCity — we will blame the conglomerate games companies for that.

This post is more or less an update on something I am planning at the moment, I am still here and I am still writing. In fact, now that I draw closer to the end of my education I have decided to take on a new task because obviously I shouldn’t let myself have too much downtime. So in between being sucked into the world of trying to find a job that I love, saying goodbye to my three years of student-life-bliss and moving house (for the thirteenth time, no less) I have decided to write a book. My story idea is loose at the moment, but it is surrounding the fascination of dreams and future technology. I am really excited to start working on it properly, as of current, my best selling novel stands tall at four or five pages of notes in a journal.

quillWhen I was about seven I wrote a book, The Weather People I think it was called. I believe I may have plagiarised the Wizard of Oz a little on reflection; it was about an awful storm that uprooted a family’s home and plonked it down in an entirely new location. As a seven-year-old I didn’t really think much about the long-term plot, so I think that was it. After my writing debut as a child, I struggled to get an idea to stretch more than a few pages in my younger years. I am hoping, with fingers tightly crossed, that writing a 10,000-word essay and a 35-page script has taught me how to engage a reader and string out a story with plot twists and turns. In short, at twenty I hope I can do a better job than I did at seven – not to say that it wasn’t a terribly impressive story all the same!

I am not sure if it is common practice to share much information about a story before it has really got a chance to get down on paper. I would like to get feedback on my ideas and my characters, I am sure I will work out a way to tease my story out without giving anything away. It would be nice to know that I had one or two readers out there who were interested… if not then I’m sure I can bribe some family members.



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